Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer, I worked with Young People both in the community as a Social Services Support Worker and in Education settings.

Working with young people is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had the privilege to do. Whilst working as a Personal Trainer and Mindset Coach, I continued to have this underlying passion, and now I am ready to take my knowledge back into schools.

I have written, developed and designed a 6 week support package for all Secondary School age children. Topics to be covered include Growth Mindset, What Is Love, How the Brain Works, Nutrition, Body Image and Mindset with Journaling and Vision Boards. 

Be The Best You...

Recent studies have shown among teenagers, 37% felt upset and 31% felt ashamed in relation to their body image. 40% of teenagers said images on social media caused them to worry about their body image. More than a third of British teenagers had stopped eating at some point or restricted their diet as a result of worrying about their body image.

Women are wanting to lose weight because they are constantly looking for that external validation, not always fulfilling their aspirations and potential because they don’t have the self-confidence.

Now more than ever, body image is distorted, and people’s relationship with food is often negatively impacted, leading to years of fad diets and at times disordered eating.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, nearly one in ten children and young people are affected by mental health. The main concerns of these young people were low self-esteem and self-harm.

This is exactly why I have designed and written this small group programme. I want to work with the future population of adults and help prevent them getting to the point that so many women I work with are at.

The course is aimed at all year groups in High Schools. If there are particular development areas the school would like me to cover regarding Mindset and Nutritional based information I happy to do so based on the school’s needs.

Working with Staff members is an area I have been asked to cover in other High Schools. I am happy to do this, in either a training format based on the work I plan on carrying out with the young people, or as personal development based on the needs of the individual.

I believe internal validation and self-belief is the biggest driver for success, and the biggest influence on accomplishing future opportunities. I want to equip young people with the tools to go out and get the future they want.

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What the young people are saying....

Lisa really inspired me, and I thought she was really funny and successful. I has made me realise that no matter I do, I should never give up and how important it is to believe in yourself

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