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March 15, 2018

I am a 57 year old menopausal lady, during the perimenopauseI felt like I was losing all my strength, depsite continuing to do pilates and yoga on a regular basis. I started on HRT 12 months ago and feel in a much better place to be able to work on my overall strength and fitness to ensure I keep healthy over the next 30 years! I have a lot of living to do.

I found Lisa online via a recommendation on Facebook and although I am an introvert, I plucked up the courage to take the plunge into personal training. I am in my third month and haven't looked back - she immediately put me at ease and we have connected really well - which is incredibly comforting. My power and overall fitness is improving on a weekly basi, she pushed me just enough and respects my individual quirky bits but doesn't allow them to be an excuse for not improving! So she really has a tough love balance. I have adjusted my nutrition so there is enough protein and more water, and despite all the hard work, I very rarely feel like i can't walk the following day! Always a bonus!

Ladies - seriously give it a go - you won't regret it!


Being coached by Lisa has been a combination of learning and success. The knowledge that Lisa has, yet continues to expand on, is invaluable to creating bespoke training programmes.

Added to this, Lisa personalises her training by not just looking at your goals, but also by understanding your mindset and working out a program that will suit your abilities physically and mentally.

I absolutely loved days where I just wasn’t feeling ‘the session’ and Lisa comes up with excellent alternatives to keep the workout experience positive.

She actively encourages you to succeed at your workouts but brings added depth to her training by explaining nutrition, lifestyle and how these affect your daily activity.

During training for a recent competition, Lisa gave me a lightbulb moment around certain monthly impacts on my training, but also came up with solutions to work around it that meant not skipping the gym.

Lisa is a genuine, friendly, caring trainer with an absolutely incredible understanding of exercise, nutrition and mindset. She’s also very fun to be around, which adds to the experience of being trained by her. I can not recommend her enough. 



For a long time I attended a run of the mill gym where I though I knew what I was doing but I was actually seeing little results. I then met Lisa and she has totally transformed my gym routine and attitude towards workouts. She has taught me so much about exercise and how to maximise each workout which has helped me to achieve my goals, and also push my boundaries.

I have been very impressed by her passion, knowledge and her ability to understand me as an individual and tailor workouts to suit my needs. When I was post op due to foot surgery, I worked closely with Lisa in building up my strength and also my confidence with exercising again. She ensured that  I worked safely and knew how to tweak various movements to ensure I got the maximum benefit whilst building back up to full fitness. 

Lisa cares very much about the people she trains and will encourage them in every way that she can. She has helped me greatly understand nutrition and has worked with me to ensure I achieved my goals whilst staying on track, but most importantly using her knowledge so that I stopped being afraid of eating what I thought were the 'wrong foods' - everything in moderation!

Her commitment, positivity, drive and smile are infectious and I've never come away from a session with Lisa feeling like I've not achieved something, even if I felt rubbish when I arrived. 

My overall approach and mindset to exercising has changed for the better and I believe that I am now a person who believes I can do it rather than one who doesn't believe in themselves and I've got Lisa to thank for that.



Thanks for all the time, energy and advice you've given me. Because of a conversation I had with you, I'm now getting the treatment I need and surgery hopefully, then I can truly embrace my fitness journey.



Lisa, you have helped me more than I think even you realise, you've pushed me to do things I never thought I was capable of and been so inspirational during the process. 



Lisa prepared me for my wedding 6 months after having my second child and I can honestly say....I don't know how I would have done it without her!! Her nutritional knowledge and emotional l support is truly amazing. I am no stranger to the gym or dieting but at this time of my life hormonal, breastfeeding. tired and stressed she gave me the advice and confidence not to say the least a damn good beasting of a work out to get me ready for my big day. She truly cares about her clients and that shows in the way she trains you giving you a well rounded package of workouts, advice, support and nutrition plans. Couldn't recommend enough!


You don't have to 

cut carbs

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    You don't have to        deprive yourself 

of  tasty food

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    You don't have to            spend hours 

in  the gym