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     Bespoke Training plans

All training plans are tailored based on where you plan on training, eg home or gym setting, what equipment you have available and what your desired goal is.  Your plan will be created to match your physical and technical abilities following completion of an initial consultation form. 
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 Qualified Mindset Coach

Mindset can play a huge part in how you progress with your journey and how successful you are based on your readiness to change. Mindset strategies are tailored to you throughout your fitness journey. Along with my degree in Psychology, NLP and Life Coaching experience, I will endeavour to support and guide you every step of the way. 

Qualified Personal Trainer

Qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer. Experienced in training men and women of all different abilities and goals ranging from pregnancy, injuries, hypertrophy, weight gain and fat loss. I have worked within a gym setting regularly training up to 32 people per day both as 1:1 clients and in a group training setting. 

  Tailored Nutrition Plans

Dependent on what your goal is, your nutrition plan will be customised around this. Recipe ideas, diet plan examples and full nutritional guidelines available. This will include a breakdown of how much protein, fat & carbohydrate you should be consuming on a daily basis & how you can tack this. 


What does online personal training involve?

Online coaching is the most flexible, cost effective, kick ass way to reach your fitness goals. If you want to workout where and when is convenient for you and your family, instead of being reliant on someone else's location and availability, then online coaching is perfect for you!

How much does online personal training cost?

Prices vary, see my packages page for more info. 

How often will you check in with me?

Check in's are weekly. However, you have the option to have more regular contact with me throughout the week via messages and e-mail. 

I'm a beginner, will this be suitable for me?

Absolutely, this is great time for you to sign up with a coach and learn how to exercise effectively, whilst building tasty & flexible nutrition into your everyday life.

Will I need a gym membership?

Not at all. I have plenty of clients who workout from the comfort of their own home. 

Is the plan truly customized?

All my client's workout plans are bespoke to them based on their training experience, any historical injuries and goals.

Nutrition plans are based around client's goals and seeing as everybody body is different, everyone's nutrition plan is different too!

How will I know if I'm doing the exercises correctly?

I recommend all clients send me regular videos of any exercises they don't feel 100% confident with. This enables us to communicate effectively around perfecting movements. However, this doesn't happen very frequently as all client's are provided with instructional videos coaching them through each exercise movement.

How quickly will you get back to me?

Within a few hours.

If I sign up today, when will I receive my plan?

Within a few days of signing up.

Will anyone else see my progress photos?

I work confidentially with all my client's. Photos you see on my Facebook page and Website are photos that client's have been happy to share. 

Do you work with vegans, vegetarians and plant based eaters?

Absolutely yes, whilst providing information of how you can get the most out of your diet to benefit you whilst working towards your goals.

Who are your clients?

My clientele varies from stay at home Mum's to regular gym attendees. They female only. 

How quickly Can I expect Results?

It is all dependent on you as an individual. I have some clients whose changes in the first 2 weeks, who ensure they are committed to making the alterations in terms of their mindset, nutrition and or training. 

Is it going to be really hard?

You will progress at your own pace and abilities. Although this is online training, remember each training program or nutrition plan is individual. Like anything new, you will need time to adjust and feel comfortable. I would never provide you with a program or plan I didn't think you were able to achieve.

Ok, I know which package I want, how do we get started?

All payments must be completed prior to your consultation. Payment occurs on a monthly basis.

There is no minimum commitment. 

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