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Recipes Of The Month

Breakfast and Dinner

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Greek Yoghurt Berry Mess - serves 1


1 small pot of 0% fat Greek yoghurt (approx. 170g)

4 plain rice cakes (or 2 chocolate covered)

1 small handful of berries

1 level tsp agave syrup


Spoon the yoghurt into a small bowl.

Using your hands, crush the rice cakes over the yoghurt.

Squash the berries gently (using a spoon in a separate bowl) so they release a bit of their juice before adding them to the bowl.

Mix together well along with the syrup and enjoy!

Fish Pie – serves 1


1 small baking potato diced

1 sliced Leek

100ml of almond milk 

3 tbsp. Greek Yoghurt 0% Fat

3 tbsp. of frozen peas

1 small fillet of white fish (fish of your choice)  100g

2 tsp lemon juice 

1 handful of prawns

season to taste


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.

Add salt to a pan of water and bring to the boil, add the potatoes and cook for 15 - 20 minutes. Drain and return to the pan. Add a dash of almond milk. Mash and season to taste.

Place the leek on the bottom of a small baking dish and season.

Spread half of the yoghurt over the leeks and top with half of the peas.

lay the fish on top of the peas and season with salt, pepper and some of the lemon juice.

Spread the remainder of the Greek yoghurt over the fish and top with the remainder of the peas. 

Lay the prawns on top of the peas and season with salt, pepper and the remaining lemon juice. 

Cover with the mash and bake in the oven for 20 - 25 minutes, or until bubbling at the sides and browning on top. 

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I was so tired, it was the easiest option agreeing to my toddler getting into my bed through the night. I thought it wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do. I was probably setting myself up for this to become​ a regular occurrence and encouraging my son to form bad habits.

But secretly I enjoyed it! I loved having my baby with me through the night, it didn’t really bother me that I had less than a third of the bed to sleep in, nor that I got continually bashed in the head. I loved waking up to him stroking my face greeting me good morning with a big smile and a kiss on the lips.

I remember telling me people that I’d let him co-sleep. Interesting the reactions and opinions of others I got. It didn’t make me change my mind, I was too content.

So often people are quick to judge, but if we went through life basing our decisions on others’ opinions when would we find our happiness or our own way?

Similarly when I first started to weight train, I was frequently warned I’d start looking too masculine and bulky, I’d hurt myself, I didn’t need to lose anymore weight, I was putting too much pressure on myself, it wasn’t something girls ‘normally’ do. Yet, if I’d have listened, I wouldn’t be in the profession I’m in today. I wouldn’t have the knowledge and understanding of the importance and health benefits related to training and nutrition. I then wouldn’t be able to pass this information onto my children, the next generation. And ultimately, I probably wouldn’t be this happy.

So, next time you want to do something that makes your heart sing, follow the thought that brings a smile to your face.

Your dream maybe someone’s else’s nightmare and that’s why individuality is a beautiful thing.

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